Security Guards Protect your Premises

Security guards can be hired to make sure that your work premises or private property is protected from criminals. You may have some issues with vandalism or shoplifters or simply want to protect what is yours. Hiring the professionals can give you peace of mind, and show that you are not an easy target.

Training Individuals to provide you with Extra Security

Anyone can call themselves a guard, but without the proper training you cannot be sure that they will be able to cope in an emergency. Working together with a firm that trains their own security guards can be beneficial. Carry out some research into the training that is given to each of the guards before they are permitted to be hired by you.

Some of the areas of training to look out for include the SIA Licensing. This is a qualification that covers the responsibilities that the guards have in their role. They are also taught how to manage conflict situations and communicate. These are skills which can be beneficial should you have a problem arise within your home or establishment.

Other skills that security guards should have is basic numeracy and literacy skills and report writing. They should be happy to communicate within any situation, and also have some reception skills to provide assistance on the front desk if necessary. In addition to this the security guards should be aware of the health and safety regulations and procedures. CRB checked guards can give you peace of mind and is desirable in any employee you hire to providing assistance concerning the safety of you are your guests or customers.

Reasons to Hire a Guard

Security guards show the criminals that you are prepared for any situation, and have experts ready to act in case of an emergency situation. This is a positive message that can help to deter crime from happening within your establishment or home. Furthermore you are giving your employees and customers or guests a feeling of security.

You can use the security guards as key holders and position them in front of the CCTV monitors to keep an eye on the images caught on the cameras. You may wish to use them as patrol guards or have them positioned in select areas such as the entrance and exits.

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Security guards can help to manage the area. Use security guards to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

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  • Payrolls are by far my highest expenses, so I’d really have to think hard befor adding another employee or contractor to the list.

  • I can vouch for the writing and communication part of it. You’d be surprised at how much of a security job is about writing rather than chasing down bad guys.

  • I’d like to get a security job, but it’s hard to get that first job without already having experience.

  • Are we talking protection from physical hard to ourselves and customers, or just someone to watch out for shoplifting.

  • Not sure if most people really need guards. Some cameras set up in the right places should give you what you need.

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